Smart Money Secret: What You Need to Know

Credit scores have to be the bane of 21st century living. It only takes a couple of ‘mishaps’ and not only smart-money-secretdoes your score plummet, but you can be listed as a ‘bad debtor’, not to mention being hounded by collection agencies. And getting off that list can seem damn nigh impossible to do…

Smart Money Secret which includes Credit Secret is an education finance book/course that promises to show you exactly how to get off this life-affecting rollercoaster. The book claims to be able to show you exactly how to repair your credit, get yourself removed from collectors’ lists, and re-build your credit score.

So can it really show you (and your family) how to avoid financial disaster and re-take control of your finances? Here is our fact-based, no bull review as to exactly what Smart Money Secrets can do for you.

So what exactly is Smart Money Secret (Credit Secret)?

This is a book/educational course (in digital format) that has been put together by two guys called Scott Hilton and Jay Hannon.  Hannon has inside knowledge of the credit industry, and Hilton has personally experienced exactly what needs to be done to repair your credit score – we’ll cover their credentials in a while. The aim of the course is to show you exactly how you can exploit totally legal loopholes that surround credit scores.

What does the Smart Money Secret teach you?

The problem with bad credit is that it snowballs. It doesn’t take long to go from simply missing a payment or two to being constantly hounded by creditors. But the thing is, these very creditors know exactly what to do to scare you. Letters, threats, even hammering on your door. And when you don’t have the ready cash to pay what’s owed, then extortionate charges mean that you spiral further and further into debt.

As we mentioned above, there are legal loopholes that allow you to remove negative credit accounts. And this is the basis of the course.

  • For instance, you’ll discover exactly what to write to creditors to make them co-operate with you (rather than you bowing to their scare letters). And you don’t have to create these letters yourself, they’re pre-written for you.
  • Discover how to play your creditors at their own game by threatening them with the small claims court. This very often has the effect of making them work with you, rather than against.
  • Find out exactly what you need to know to get yourself back into ‘good credit’. Because to alter your credit score you need to offset your bad credit with good – and the course will show you exactly how to do this, even if you think you’ll never be in a situation to gain credit again.

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What time frame can you expect to start improving your credit score?

Smart Money Secrets claims that there is a possibility of seeing results in as little as 24 hours. However, the average is around a month to improve a single credit entry. For those who have more complicated credit issues, then it’s realistic to allow up to 3 months to see serious improvements being made.

Why not simply use a credit repair agency?

A) The cost. Bills for these guys can run into hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars. And when you’re in debt, all this does is sink you even deeper into that bad debt that hole.

But even more important than this is the fact that:

B) Not all credit repair agencies are what they seem. Some are not legal: some take your money and do nothing: some might even encourage you to set up a bogus identity – something that is highly illegal.

And if that’s not bad enough:

C) Credit repair companies simply cannot guarantee that they can remove all of your collections or repair all your bad credit.

More about Scott Hilton and Jay Hannon.

Scott Hilton and his wife Alison have lived the bad debt and credit nightmare. They owed money – a lot

Scott & Alison Hilton
Scott & Alison Hilton

of money. They had fallen behind on payments and were being hounded by collectors. Eventually he sought out help. And that help came in the form of one Jay Hannon.

Jay spent 5 long years working within the credit industry. He was one of those guys who harassed those who owed. He’s not proud of it, but what this experience has done is give him the inside knowledge of how to put a stop the bad debt circle. And not only stop it, but turn it around and get rid of all that bad debt and bad credit scores for good. It’s kind of like the phrase, ‘set a thief to catch a thief’ – because only someone who knows the techniques to do the bad stuff will also know the exact techniques to foil them…

The Smart Money Club Social Media page

Using the power of Facebook, Smart Money Secret brings together thousands of people who literally bind together to form a support group. Only those who are in (or have been) in debt know what a soul destroying situation it is. Simply being able to communicate with others who are living (or have lived) the bad credit nightmare can greatly help as you travel on that lonely journey.

You can get access to the Smart Money Secret plus bonuses at the official site here:

The good and the bad points

What’s great about Smart Money Secret:

  • Learn the 100% legal and proven strategies that will show you how to remove yourself from the debt collectors’ lists
  • You discover how to rebuild your credit file and increase your credit score
  • The ability to communicate with others in the same situation as you
  • A 30-day money back guarantee

What’s not so great:

  • You do have to obtain a credit report
  • There’s work involved. The program provides you with the information, but you do have to do the work
  • It’s necessary to learn new spending habits – and maintain these.

Does Smart Money Secret offer value for money?

Compared to the cost of some credit repair agencies, this educational course offers incredible value for money. Of course, you have to factor the time it’s going to take you into the equation. But when you consider how much money you’ll actually save being out of debt, not paying ever-mounting charges, and having a decent credit rating once again, then your time is a small price to pay.

In summary

Smart Money Secret (AKA Credit Secret) offers you an affordable way to begin to take back control of your finances. It’s risk free, thanks to the money back guarantee. In addition to this, the program offers a further guarantee – and that’s to give you double your money back if, within 3 months, you don’t increase your credit score by at least 70 points and remove a minimum of 3 bad marks on your credit rating.

Yes, you have to do the work – but Smart Money Secret takes you by the hand and leads you through every step. The peace of mind that will come with clear credit is priceless. If you’re struggling with bad debt, this could well be exactly what you need to turn your life around.

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